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The Building Sanctuary is a building conservation company specialising in the re-use of listed buildings that have fallen into disrepair. We return them to their former glory, but more importantly, we create new spaces to suit modern occupiers. The new uses then provide an income to ensure the long term maintenance of the buildings so they don’t end up in disrepair again.


We believe that if a building has a use, it is more likely to survive – and with a lot more of its historic fabric conserved. Whilst a large part of our focus is on ensuring we retain character in our places of work, home and leisure, we like to think that today's use of a building is as much a part of its history as its original use.

"Today's use of a building is as much a part of its history as its original use."  


Dr Tanya Spilsbury

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The Building Sanctuary was launched by Dr Tanya Spilsbury in 1997. Dr Spilsbury studied her PhD at the University of Nottingham, conducting research into “The sustainable re-use of listed buildings in the context of urban regeneration”.


Dr Spilsbury, a qualified chartered surveyor, is a board member of the voluntary conservation organisation Maintain our Heritage and a member of RICS Building Conservation Group and The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.

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The Building Sanctuary is behind a number of conservation projects, each managed according to its own individual needs. Please click on the links below to visit our associated companies' websites.

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Character office units

and pilates studio in historic stable buildings

High quality offices to let in Belper, Derbyshire

Planned conservation of Derbyshire's historic Elvaston Castle


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